KAI® N5100B 4" Bent Fly Tying Scissors

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Precision is paramount when cutting materials for fly tying, and the KAI® N5100B Series 4" Fly Tying Scissors deliver just that. With vanadium stainless steel blades designed for longevity and efficiency, these scissors effortlessly cut through various light-duty fly tying materials. Their superior construction makes them not only stronger but also lighter than traditional scissors of similar size, while the ergonomically styled lightweight plastic handles ensure maximum comfort during long tying sessions.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Blades: Crafted from vanadium stainless steel, these scissors offer exceptional edge life and cutting efficiency, providing precise cuts for all your fly tying needs.
  • Lightweight Design: The ergonomic lightweight plastic handles are designed for comfort, reducing hand fatigue and enabling precise control over intricate fly tying materials.
  • Pointed Tip: Ideal for precise and detailed cutting tasks, such as trimming feathers and threads with accuracy.
  • Ambidextrous: Suitable for both left and right-handed users, these scissors offer versatility and ease of use in any tying setup.
  • Screw Pivot: Allows for easy maintenance and adjustment, ensuring consistent cutting performance over time.

Did You Notice?

  • The lightweight, ergonomic design enhances user comfort, making these scissors perfect for extended fly tying sessions.
  • These industrial scissors can be sharpened, ensuring they maintain their cutting edge for long-lasting use.
  • The polished blade ensures effortless cutting through various fly tying materials, enhancing overall efficiency and precision.

Recommended For:

Ideal for light-duty fly tying applications in both industrial and home settings. Whether you're crafting flies for hobby or profession, the KAI® N5100B Series 4" Needle Craft Scissors are the ultimate tool for precise and efficient cutting. Elevate your fly tying experience with these reliable and versatile scissors today.

What's in the Box?

KAI® N5100 Series 4" Needle Craft Scissors

Technical Specifications

Hard Plastic Handle
Vanadium Stainless Steel Blades
Blade Cut Length - 1”
Overall Length - 4"
Gross Weight - 0.2 lb
Net Weight - 0.2 lb


Handcrafted in Japan