KAI® N5165 6 1/2" Fly Tying Scissors

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Tailored for the fly fishing industry, the KAI N5165 shears are indispensable for cutting fly tying materials with precision and ease. Featuring flexible handles for enhanced comfort, these smaller shears boast fully hardened blades that can be sharpened multiple times, ensuring longevity and optimal cutting performance. With an overall length of 6 1/2" and a cut length of 2 1/2", they are perfectly suited for intricate fly tying tasks, including embroidery.

Key Features:

  • Precision Cutting: With an extremely powerful cut, these shears are ideal for cutting a variety of fly tying materials with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Flexible Handles: Designed for comfort, the flexible handles reduce hand fatigue during extended tying sessions, allowing for seamless crafting.
  • Fully Hardened Blades: The fully hardened blades can be sharpened multiple times, ensuring they maintain their cutting edge for prolonged use.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for cutting a wide range of materials used in fly tying, including feathers, threads, and more, these lightweight scissors offer versatility and reliability in any tying setup.

Upgrade your fly tying experience with the KAI N5165 Fly Tying Shears, and enjoy precise, effortless cutting for all your fly tying projects.