About Us

Wolff Industries, Inc. purchased the manufacturing assets of Vogel Brothers Corporation, the owners of Anvil USA® in January 2013. Vogel Brothers Corporation and Anvil USA® are well known manufacturers in the fly tying industries. Don & David Vogel carried on the 300 year old family tradition of cutlery manufacturing at Vogel Brothers Corporation. Don Vogel decided to focus on the barber, beauty, grooming and fly tying scissors business splitting off Anvil USA® from Vogel Brothers Corporation and will run that business with his wife, Barbara.

Wolff Industries, Inc. created Wolff Indiana, LLC to continue manufacturing the fly tying vises and other specialty products for industrial customers in their Columbus, Indiana factory. We are pleased to let you know that David Vogel is working for Wolff Indiana, LLC as Vice President of Research and Development. We have also added a second mill turn to increase production of the fly tying vises and will use this equipment as we develop new products.

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